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Concrete Shed Slabs

We do concrete shed slabs of all sizes from small garden shed slabs to 6m x 6m shed slabs, to farmhouse shed slabs, even through to commercial shed slabs. We can offer you rebated garden shed slabs or flat slabs. We can do concrete footings for your concrete shed slab or put in roller door rebates for your shed slab. We do our shed slabs at some of the best shed slab prices around.

Concrete Shed Prices

3x3 shed slabs from $900 + GST.

6x6 shed slabs from $2,000 + GST.

6x9 shed slabs from $2,900 + GST.

It should be noted these are starting prices and are generally for metro areas within standard travel distance from our concrete supply plants. They also exclude earthworks and subgrade preparation and assume easy access for trucks to slab location. Typically costs can be 10% to 20% more. Further larger shed slabs can sometimes come with full footing systems and even piers, potentially even require retaining systems at some or all edges which can dramatically drive up the cost from those shown above. We are more than happy to discuss further though to provide more accurate estimates and firm quotes.