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Nathan Carter

the Proprietor, is a fourth generation Concrete Contractor located in Brisbane. It is these 4 generations of knowledge and experience combined with Nathan’s enthusiastic and energetic attitude towards each and every project that has led to the success of Creative Concrete Constructions Pty Ltd. Nathan can work with you on your concrete design and specify the most suitable concrete products.

He can specify the requirements or best practice for your concrete construction and provide you competitive concrete prices to match. Your concreting will be completed by our concreters, not sub contracted out, ensuring our high standards are upheld.


Nathan's wife Damita is the women behind the scenes. She assists in areas least seen but ensures the business is running smoothly. Nathan and Damita have 4 children together that keep them both running off their feet, happily they are both done creating more.


Chad has worked for the business for over 3yrs. Chad started as a concreter on the tools running jobs and started quoting a little here and there as Nathan & Damita's family grew. Chad now mostly spends his time quoting on jobs for our Clients and helping manage. Chad and his partner recently welcomed their first baby and are planning on another soon. Chad is a perfectionist and having just built a home together has done as much of the handiwork, finishing off and landscaping around the new house as he can possibly do. Chad enjoys getting up north for a fish when we can let him.


Chris started with our concreting company several years ago and then spent time employed in some high accuracy commercial concrete works. He's recently came back to us and brought back with him his enthusiasm for accuracy and precision with everything he does. He enjoys dealing with our client base and trying to exceed expectations and is extremely hard working. He is knowledgeable in most facets of residential and commercial concrete work. Chris has about 10 years experience.


Morris is new to our concrete business but is a highly skilled professional concreter. He doesn't mind getting stuck in to whatever the task to get the concrete job done, he prides himself on quality work and a clean site. He enjoys taking his children to their weekend sports games.


Desmond is a long serving concreter of over 8yrs and has over 25yrs experience in ALL aspects of concrete work from serious commercial and industrial concreting to decorative concreting for around the home as well as all sorts of concrete coatings. He is a fully qualified concreter and capable of supervising all manner of jobs. He currently runs Sunshine Coast Concrete operations Desmond is a real people person and loves a good chat. He has very strong work ethic and passion for achieving an outstanding job each and every time. He likes to work hard and relax back at the end of the day. He too enjoys his sports and in particular rugby league.


Mitch has been with us a couple years and is a rising achiever. He is diligent about the work he does and is constantly trying to learn more and get better. Mitch goes by his last name Knox generally. He likes a good work / life balance and likes to get in and get things done. He enjoys his sports too and coaches on the weekends.


Brandon has been with us over a year and still has lots to learn but has caught on very quickly and already is capable of so much. For the moment he does a lot of labouring tasks the older fellas need a break from. He is diligent about the work he does and is constantly trying to learn more and get better. He is dedicated and hardworking. Brandon likes working on his cars. For a young labourer he is very mechanically minded and a smart saver putting money into is car projects on the side.