Residential Concreters Brisbane

If you need a Concrete Quote for Concrete Services in Brisbane, from concrete driveway, concrete resurfacing or just a rough Concrete Price, its as easy as a quick call or email. Understanding the way the industry works is important. Most people are unaware of the ins and outs and we here at Creative Concrete Constructions would like to offer you our industry knowledge and the services we provide, to better assist you with the process.

We offer a range of quoting options to provide you your concrete pricing for your concrete work.

If you are planning a project for concrete in BRISBANE or its surrounds and are just looking to find out approximate costs for project feasibility or budget planning purposes, it is best to work out the sizes of the various areas you want, the concrete finishes desired in each and note any excavation and/or access requirements surrounding each. Give our office a call and if Nathan is available he can provide you some lump sum approximates based on these aspects.

Straight forward quotes can be provided to clients prior to even starting construction. A few things are required.

You will need to obtain a copy of your site plan and ground floor architectural plan. Outline to scale on the site plan, where you would like the concrete and then email both attachments to us. Indicate what sort of finish/s you are considering. From this we can provide a standard quote, which will serve good for the banks and/or good for budgeting purposes, as it is quite accurate when quoting new homes.

Please provide details of any particular access restrictions and/or large excavation requirements that you are aware of as these help to make the quote a little more accurate. E.g. A back patio that can have concrete trucks back up to it because it has a vacant block next door is going to be more affordable than one that may have to be pumped as it doesn’t have the same ease of access.

If you have an existing or new home Brisbane, Redlands, Moreton, Logan or Ipswich and just need advice or your concrete project’s complexity requires more attention you can simply arrange a free on-site quote. Call our office and we’ll schedule a time in. If we’re not in the office at the time of the call, please leave a message as we will get back to you very promptly.

Most jobs require 3 working days or less to return quote. Some larger jobs may take longer. If we have not returned a quote in the specified time, it means that an error that we are unaware of has occurred, i.e., sometimes an email or fax won’t go through. We’ve both invested time thus far so a quick courtesy call to enquire where your quote is may prevent having to go through the whole process again with another contractor, all because of a simple mishap.

This will vary from job to job and it is best to give us more notice than not enough. A project could be between 1 – 4 weeks but generally 1 – 2 is the norm. Smaller jobs we can often get done with under a week’s notice! So to ensure you don’t make hasty and regrettable choices about the work you want done and/or possibly the concrete contractor you use, we suggest you should start 6 to 8 weeks out at least. Don’t be put off if you don’t have this sort of time up your sleeve. Once you receive a quote from us we can often accommodate you in getting the work done promptly if required.

Our company guarantees all our work will meet or exceed the requirements of the Building Codes of Australia. We will offer professional recommendations where we believe something extra might be required and the price to meet such requirements. Our work is subject to a workmanship warranty of 6 years and 6 months. All projects over $3300 receive a free professional written quotation and are sealed by a ‘Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000’ compliant contract. The quoting process does take some time and should be undertaken well before you plan to start a project. All projects over $1100 are sealed by a Minor Works Contract or Authorization Form. All projects under $1100 receive a free quotation, on-site if necessary, and are invoiced out on completion of the project. Contracts are now a matter of law for all construction work and secure the interests of both the homeowner and concrete contractor. Concrete contractors, who do not conform to the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000, are liable for massive fines and should not be dealt with.